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Although the term spastic colon is still used occasionally, it technically refers to irritable bowel syndrome IBS and not other bowel conditions with similar symptoms. Causes and Mechanism of IBS. The exact cause of IBS is not known. IBS tends to run in families so a genetic or social predisposition may exist. Spastic colon is an old-fashioned name for irritable bowel syndrome IBS. The term spastic colon describes the fact that IBS sufferers often experience spasms within their intestines, as well as faster or slower motility within the intestines than normal ie, food goes through too fast or too slow, giving us diarrhea or constipation. There is no significant difference between spastic colon symptoms in women and men. Spastic colon, also often called as IBS ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’, is one of common disorders that affects the gut. Although doctors and experts say that this digestive problem has no cure, it’s manageable.

IBS remedy spastic colon. Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Spastic Colon - a General Overview. Irritable bowel syndrome is a fairly common functional gastrointestinal GI disorder. It used to be called Spastic Colon, a term that is still being used by some. Irritable bowel syndrome IBS, also called spastic colon and mucous colitis, is a functional gastrointestinal disorder that causes irritability in the small and large intestine. This could then lead to abdominal pain and bowel changes. It is worthy of note that IBS. Spastic colon was an early term used to describe the health condition that is now known as irritable bowel syndrome IBS. The term "spastic colon" came about because of a belief that the motility problems and abdominal pain of the disorder now known as IBS were caused by muscle spasms within the large intestine. Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, is a GI disorder with symptoms and signs of constipation, abdominal cramping and pain, bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort. IBS treatment and management includes medications, diet that includes low FODMAP foods, and lifestyle changes. 01/02/2017 · This is reality for Roberts and up to 20% of American adults who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome at some point in their lives. Their exact symptoms, and the severity, may differ. But for people with IBS, daily life is greatly influenced by the way their digestive system behaves. A flare-up of symptoms can mean hours of misery.

They’re very difficult to digest. When bacteria in your colon eventually break down these ‘nonabsorbed sugars,’ you get gas and diarrhea. ‘ Stop smoking. Nicotine contributes to IBS flare-ups. Also, when you smoke, you swallow air, and people with IBS are very sensitive to having air in their gut. Finding the best home remedy for your spastic colon can feel overwhelming. When you’re not feeling well, you want something that is 100% guaranteed to help you feel better, but finding a remedy that helps you feel better in the short and long term can be frustrating. Patients with IBS have an abnormal electrical system of their colon with a higher electrical cycling activity and are set up to be more contractile under various stimuli. Intense prolonged, spastic contractions of the colon occur in IBS. When two parts of the colon go into contraction, the colon in between becomes stretched out like a balloon.

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